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Levels of progression: check!

Tick off the five E's of the ICT Levels of progression in one fell swoop.

Here's how a Make Our Book project meets the five E's:

Explore Children will be able to access, select, interpret and research information about their book project from our safe and reliable sources.
Express Children will create, develop, present and publish their ideas, creations and information responsibly using a range of digital media -- print files, online PDF ebooks and images -- and manipulate a range of created assets to produce their multimedia book.
Exchange This offers a chance to communicate safely and responsibly using a range of contemporary digital methods and tools, exchanging, sharing, collaborating and developing their ideas digitally.
Evaluate This is a chance to talk about, review and make improvements to their work via proofreading, reflecting on the process and outcome and consider the sources and resources used, including safety, reliability and acceptability -- soliciting feedback from their friends and family.
Exhibit Their book is a wonderful way to manage and present their stored work and showcase their learning across the curriculum, using ICT safely and responsibly.
Source: CCEA.org.uk

And here's how a Make Our Book project satisfies the Levels of Progression for Writing (Communication) at Key Stage 1 and 2

Talk about, plan and edit work: Children will be able to redraft, taking account of feedback, their writing including content, grammar, spelling and structure
Communicate information, meaning, feelings, imaginings and ideas in a clear and organised way
Develop, express and present ideas in handwritten, digital and printed forms and formats using traditional and digital resources, for friends, family and school visitor audiences and purposes
The children will have an opportunity to endeavour to write with accuracy and proficiency.
Source: CCEA.org.uk