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New year, new look

Making your book is more straightforward than ever

We've revised Make Our Book's website design, to make it clearer and less cluttered. The Edit page now shows you how your book is coming on at a glance.

There are links to edit the cover, and to add chapters and pieces – either one at a time, or all at the same time. You can sort chapters and pieces into a new order, and see how many words are in each piece, and whether there is an image. You can also delete pieces and chapters here, and preview how the interior looks.

The menu has been simplified, and there is more help text around the website. There's a new "help" button, to let you send us messages more easily. There are also more ways to navigate around the website.

We hope you enjoy looking around the new-look design! Feedback is always hugely helpful: do email us to say what you think.