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The Write Book Booktrust project

A review of the Write Book Booktrust project.

This is a very interesting project run by the reading charity Booktrust which (from the report's executive summary):

...supported Year 5 teachers in four primary schools to run whole-of-year-5 writing projects inspired by classic or popular children's books, enabling pupils to respond creatively to high quality children's fiction and nonfiction texts.

The aims of The Write Book included:

  • Raising pupils' attainment in writing
  • Increasing pupils' enjoyment of writing
  • Creating a whole school writing plan and creating a personalised legacy for writing in the school
  • Making cross-curricular links for writing
  • Linking reading and writing

These are very familiar aims! It's what we set out to do with Make Our Book. The report continues by sharing learnings, some of which were:

  • Children enjoy writing more, and write better, when they’re inspired by a high quality book they’ve loved
  • Book choice is key in encouraging children’s creative response
  • Children love having more time to read and write at school
  • Children enjoy writing when it’s taken beyond the classroom or involves an intriguing event
  • Using high quality books to inspire and emulate writing encourages children to think of themselves as writers
  • Using “books as hooks” encourages creative learning and helps embed reading and writing for pleasure deep into the curriculum
  • Using books as inspiration for writing works well with lower achievers and reluctant writers

What a great validation of the Make Our Book approach, and good to note that basing writing on a good book is a winner.

Read the full report here.