Why publish a book?

Evidence Levels of Progression

Using our online tool is a great and original way to satisfy children's learning objectives. In the UK, that's the five E’s Levels of Progression for Using ICT at Key Stage 1 and 2, and the Levels of Progression for Writing (Communication) at Key Stage 1 and 2

Reinvigorate annual literary events

Keep annual events such as World Book Day, Whole School Writes and Children's Book Week fresh. Instead of dressing up as Elsa or Harry Potter, get the whole school to work as a team on an anthology for the week, with the reward of seeing children's words in print at the end.

Create a treasured memento

A book is a tangible lasting outcome that will be keep forever by parents and families. And it's the sort of achievement that stays with a child forever, to be remembered fondly and proudly.

Share your pride

A book gives a wonderful sense of the school's ambition and activity to current and prospective parents alike, and can be a lovely focal point for meetings with visitors and prospective parents.

And it's free to use! Read how the pricing works.

Who is it for?

Literacy co-ordinators

Encourage reading through becoming authors

"As a literacy co-ordinator, I am responsible for leading, managing and developing Literacy throughout the school. Make Our Book is a great use of ICT and makes a positive, motivational impact on the educational progress of all pupils in the school. I can use it to bring the school together, enhancing the classroom practice of teaching staff and teaching assistants. And it's a wonderful way to share our hard work with parents and families."
To get started, Literacy Co-Ordinators should review the list of ideas in the Make Our Book Information Pack 2017-18 for inspiration to plan a whole-school project, then sign up for free.

PTA bodies

Raise money whilst supporting school literacy

"Using an online platform to turn one of the Whole School Writes into an beautifully printed book is a wonderful way to raise funds. As parents, we get an unmatchable keepsake of our children's creative writing accomplishments, and at the same time know that some of the money we spend on copies is going towards our fundraising projects."
To get started, PTA organisers should review the list of ideas in the Make Our Book Information Pack 2017-18 for inspiration to plan a whole-school project, and share the One page summary of Make Our Book with the school to discuss whether to proceed.

School visitors (authors, creative writing and literacy consultants)

Enhance and structure my visit

"When I visit schools, I can use Make Our Book as a platform to capture the children's output of my visit, whether that's poetry from my workshop or short stories from their homework. Make Our Book produces a beautiful paperback which parents can buy. It's a new way to make the most of my visit and leave behind a memento, it helps the school's fundraising, and it even helps to cover some of the costs of my visit."
To get started, school visitors should create a free account on Make Our Book and tinker with a sample project, to see if the platform can support the work you already do on your visits – or inspire you to do more. There's more info here on how our Ambassador programme works.

School leadership

Surpass our goals without breaking the bank or overloading teachers

"We are always looking for innovative ways to balance diminishing budgets with the need to find new ways to inspire our children. Make Our Book combines ICT and Communication milestones with the raw delight of a child seeing their words in print for the very first time. Magical."
To get started, school leadership should review the list of ideas in the Make Our Book Information Pack 2017-18 for inspiration to plan a whole-school project, and share the One page summary of Make Our Book with all colleagues to inform a discussion on planning the project.

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