Seven years in one book
Make Our Book heals, unifies and celebrates

A Make Our Book publication can be a whole school project, a year group, class, group or even a solo project.

Whole school books

Many schools are looking for projects that support their work to build, strengthen and articulate their culture. A book is a tangible, inclusive project that has been used from KS1 to KS5.

Year group and class books

A year group book is a good way to provide cohesion and a sense of shared ambition, particularly across large year groups.

Annual projects

Some schools return to Make Our Book annually, and seeing a child's progression from Reception to Year 6 in a series of books is a remarkable and effective way to show and celebrate their creative and skills growth.

Home educators

A book is good project work and can be as much or as little work as you like. On a personal note, my son and I did this year's Christmas present as a solo Make Our Book, and it has also provided the focus as a home education group project.

Literacy projects

The Literacy Hubs help communities across Portsmouth gain the literacy skills they need to thrive. They did a lovely pirate-themed book of short stories. And Leicester Council's looked after children published an anthology that made the ITV news!

Annual whole school books.
One child's annual progress, from Reception to Year 5
From a home education group project